recent conservation activites

Project Goals Activities Period
Assessing the natural values (botanical, zoological) of the area, identifying and mapping new habitats, endangered and rare plant and animal species (3 months). Two botanical field surveys during which we identified the protected, endemic and phytogeographically important plant species, the habitat types and the plant communities (see tables attached) 2007- August
Gathering informations on land owners, local stakeholders and land use, establishing cooperation between them, NGOs and national institutions (3 months). Discussions with several people and public authorities from Odorheiu Secuiesc, during which we were able to identify 4 land owners. One of them is the major holder of the Szko Peatbog. 2007-September
Elaboration of a complex database and map of natural values and land use of the inventoried area (2 month). Preparation of a database of all plant species identified so far in the field. 30 moss, 85 higher plant and 1 animal species were registered and stored in a database. Further surveys are needed. 2007- October and November
Preparation of protected area proposal documents and submitting them to the authorised institutions (Romanian Academy of Science, Harghita Nature Protection Agency) (1 month). Elaboration of proposal documents. A scientific description of the Szko Peatbog has been prepared. Boundaries of the protected area have been established and featured on different types of maps and aerial photos (see maps attached) 2007- December and January
Raising public awareness through media, NGO activities, leaflets, presentations (continuous). Agora NGO has participated to a number of 4 public presentations organized by UFF (Forum of Young People from Odorheiu Secuiesc). During these presentations, participants have been informed about the importance of the conservation of the natural values of Szko Peatbog. 2007- October
Elaboration of the management plan (2 months). - -
Implementing urgent and effective protection measures (continuous). - -
Monitoring of habitats with focus on endangered plant and animal species (continuous). Endangered plant populations size and habitat conservation state was registered and will constitute the base for further monitoring activities. 2007- August